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Strategic B2B Copywriting

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Have you found your new B2B Copywriter?

Hello, my name is Joanna.

If you’re looking for a professional wordsmith to take your business communications to the next level, look no further.  

I specialise in working with global businesses to deliver smart, targeted B2B copy that grabs attention and drives growth by selling your business, better.

I create original, relatable, evergreen marketing materials in line with your global strategy that speak directly to your target audience. Usually, this means creating words for ABM or ABX campaigns. 

My services can help you improve your online presence and increase conversions, all while ensuring your messaging is on point and your business is correctly represented.

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Case Studies & Customer Success Stories

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My specialty is working with global clients to develop high-quality, in-depth marketing documents such as case studies and customer success stories based on real-life situations and solutions. 

My strategy involves interviews, research, competitor analysis and, finally, writing. 

The finished product is a challenge/solution marketing document that demonstrates your ability to solve problems for your clients. An invaluable, reusable, evergreen resource. 

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Working with me

If you're facing strategy and implementation challenges or a lack of results when it comes to content and copywriting, then we'll be a good fit.


I'm responsive, professional and an excellent communicator. Projects with lots of moving parts are my specialty and I regularly work across timezones. 


What's Being Said

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Joanna was a great addition to our B2B website development project; she was able to work with an ever-evolving copywriting brief and all the challenges that came along with it.

She always had a positive attitude and looked for ways to help keep things moving in the right direction. She succinctly crafted copy for a complex topic and made it suitable and digestible for a range of audiences.

Everyone was really happy with the final copy across the full website, which is now live and looking fantastic!


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